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Y3 Homework 20/4/18

Year 3 have had a busy first week back but everyone has been working so hard and they all enjoyed the trip on Thursday. Take a look at Twitter for our photos and some pupils have blogged about the trip.

We haven’t had chance to go over the past papers that were sent home before Easter so we will try to do this next week as the Tests are getting closer!

This weekend Year 3 have a small maths booklet so please help and support our pupils to read the questions. The skills needed for these questions have all been covered at some point through the year. Again we will go over these questions at the end of next week.

Can pupils try their hardest to bring water bottles to school, especially at this time of year as many this week have been thirsty but didn’t have a bottle to use.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Williams and Mrs Poiner

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Year 3 Easter Homework

On Friday 23/3/18 Year 3 will have a full reading paper to complete at home and a maths paper (procedural). We are sending them out before the holidays so you have 3 weeks to complete them so you can choose as and when to support your child.

The class have completed a few reading papers now so hopefully it has given them some confidence for the future tests. As with the other papers, support your child in the reading of the text and with the questions.

Pupils have seen a few examples from the procedural past papers in class but they have not looked at a whole booklet. The procedural paper is fairly long and does get more demanding as you go through the paper. Please complete as much as possible, supporting your child where appropriate. Feel free to show workings on the sheets or in homework books.  We will go through the answers after Easter to support all pupils and questions they may have.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Williams and Mrs Poiner

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Y3 homework 16/3/18

We have started another reading practice paper today, please support your child to complete the reading paper at home and we will go through the text and questions next week. In class we read the text together and discuss the questions. Please do this at home, to give your child confidence to read the text and to learn how to answer the tricky questions. These papers are not a test, they are to develop reading skills and to model how to answer the questions using their literal and inference skills which we teach during whole class guided reading sessions.


This week we have been working on subtraction using mental strategies, the one we have focused on is counting back the tens and units. Choose the chilli you want to complete. Remember you can draw your own number line in your books if it helps and you have a 100 square in your book.




















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Y3 homework and updates 9/3/18

Year 3 have new log in details for a new app and computer programme called ‘Maths Rockstars’. We encourage you to use this at home to help understanding of times tables and to help mental maths.


Y3 have started a reading challenge from a previous Y3 reading paper today. Pupils are bringing it home to complete at home. The text is demanding as are the questions. We have worked on particular types of questions during guided reading sessions. We want to give pupils the opportunity to work on these questions at home to have their parents as support to help and give confidence in preparation for the National Tests in May. We will go over the questions next week in class to discuss any queries or questions for pupils to learn from their mistakes. We plan to send out further reading papers over the next month to give our pupils the best preparation for the upcoming reading challenges!!!

In class we have looked at examples from past maths papers and we do plan to send parts of the procedural papers home over the next month.

Please do not worry with the papers being sent home, yes they are challenging and pupils will really be tested with them but they are one assessment tool we have to use from the Government.  We assess pupils throughout the year and make our own teacher assessments. We are sending past papers home for pupils to have your support at home to look at the questions and for parents to see the types of questions our Year 3 children will have to answer.


As part of Internet Safety this week, we have been talking about digital footprints. Can you talk as a family about how you leave a digital footprint? These are things like going onto websites to research, browse, shop, game and uploading photos, videos and comments onto social media. We have talked about how you can see some of your digital footprint by looking at the history in your web browser. In class Year 3 have recorded some of their digital footprint they  have left this week and next week they will record what their family members have used.

Oracy presentations will continue next week. Year 3 have each been given a day they will present to the class. Can we just remind you that  this is an oracy presentation and we are assessing pupils’ oracy skills and not their reading or ICT skills.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Williams and Mrs Poiner

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Y3 oracy presentation 14/2/18

Y3, you have chosen your organ to research and in class you started your J2e document which will be your slideshow.

This week and over the holidays you need to find information and prepare some props to show your audience. Finish your slideshow, this may just be 2 pages on J2e but you can show off your ICT skills.

Look at the last post on our blog about this project. On the second page is the success criteria you came up with as a class, this will help you to try and include everything you need.

If some of you are ready first week back after the holidays, you will have the opportunity to present straight away and get it over and done with!!! If not they will begin second week back and everyone will present in that week.

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y3 oracy projects 2018

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Y3 Telling the time homework 26th january

You have times table targets to work on but don’t forget to continue telling the time on an analogue clock and if you feel ready you can start to look and learn to tell the time on a 12 hour digital clock. We will work on digital time in class over the next few weeks once we all have a good grasp of analogue. Thank you for your support in this tricky topic.

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Y3 homework 26th january more times tables homework

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Y3 Time homework 19/1/18

Year 3 must continue to work on telling the time on an analogue clock, they can use the clock they have made in class to work on this. Really pleased to see so many wearing watches this week and making the effort to tell the time. Teaching and learning to tell the time is really difficult and we need to support our children to do this. Work on targets set but then move onto the next set of skills , for example telling the time using a digital clock. In Year 3 pupils should be able to tell the time on an analogue clock and on a 12 hour digital clock using am and pm. In class need to use these skills for problem solving and using timetables.

Year 3 have a double sheet of clock faces to work on telling the time. These can be kept inside homework books.

Please continue to read Bug club books at home and don’t forget to read these books online and to answer questions to work on their comprehension skills. In May Year 3 will have the statutory reading test again with 2 pieces of text and questions to answer on both. Thank you for your support.

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